KENT Autosoft 11039
  • Automatic Regeneration Technology
  • Time-Based Regeneration
  • Enhanced Quality of Water
  • LCD Panel for Control
  • High Output Capacity
  • Smart Design
  • MRP 65,000
  • Sell 64,000
KENT Washing Machine Water Softener
  • Tailor-made for Washing Machines
  • Easy Installation & Operation
  • Softening Technology
  • Increases Washing Efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Regeneration Process
  • MRP 7,000
  • Sell 6,500

Purchase water softener from our water softener dealers to get pure water


The hard water refers to water with a high mineral proportion. The mostly known minerals that can make water hard are magnesium and calcium. When water will be absorbed into the ground, the minerals are taken from the earth and in result add in the household’s water supply. Hard water can choke plumbing of the house.

Hard water can cause many problems:

• Soap scum

• Clogged pipes

• Stiff Clothing

• Spots on the dishes that are washed out of the dishwasher

Kits are used to test water hardness that can be purchased from a pool supplier or from our water softener dealers.

Water softening systems are industrial or home equipment that eradicate elements of hard water it includes calcium and magnesium from running water in the plumbing system. One can find different types of softening systems like those that swap soft and hard ions by the use of resins or sodium beads. Some other systems filter the water to clear the water

How one can use water softener?

 Many water softeners are plug right into the household water supply.

 There are ionic exchange water softeners that consist of charged plastic beads, a tank that is brine. It has a regenerating system with a timer or some other monitoring device.

 The user can add Sodium or potassium chloride to the brine tank when there will be necessity of regeneration.

 Our Water softeners operate by replacing ions of the minerals that create hardness with “softer” ions. The water softener replaces sodium or potassium ions in place of magnesium or calcium ions. If one will purchase magnetic water softeners, magnetic energy causes chemical changes in the minerals.

 Price of water softeners depends on the type, size and type of softening agent. A magnetic water softener has only 2 magnets which are connected to the inside or outside of water pipes.

Benefits of water softener:

 Using water softeners will cause no health risks only for those who are on sodium-restricted diet.

 One needs to keep bottled water on hand for consumption and cooking, or implement potassium chloride is more costly than sodium chloride. There are also no health risks associated with choosing not to soften water.